25 old school websites for 25 years of the internet!

by Ben Davis 12 March 2014 16:14 Original Post

The internet is 25 years old. Did you use it today? And yesterday? Wow, it’s really catching on.

Here are some old websites from 1994 to 1998, when the web was in full swing (or so we thought).

Microsoft’s fist website, back in 1994. (: Looking pretty cool #microsoft pic.twitter.com/7wy1HQUObB
— Ivan Todorov (@ivantodorov) April 17, 2013
OMG First Google website 1998 #Timeflies http://t.co/yyb9aGEx
— Joao Luis C (@joaoluisc) December 7, 2012
How things have changed Apple website 1994 pic.twitter.com/Ui8MReZbW5
— Phil Gordon (@Philjgordon) April 10, 2013
The BBC website, circa 1994. Yep, really. Didn’t even have the domain name it does now: http://t.co/I6xGwNkX
— Mark Jones (@brokentv) June 12, 2012
And a few years later
This was the BBC website in 1997. So colour. Much Beeb. Wow. Etc. pic.twitter.com/NePKBDpjb6
— Patrick Smith (@psmith) January 7, 2014
In 1995, @CNN set up a website. Prior to that, it sold CD-ROMs about topical news events. http://t.co/kJPUTyG8tP pic.twitter.com/68ISrjC6jK
— Ryan Sloane (@RyanSloaneCNN) March 9, 2014
Look at the @NYTimes website in 1996, then make something way better with no coding necessary: http://t.co/HFqEFJsJGb pic.twitter.com/VEYjVfRGei
— Jimdo (@jimdo) September 9, 2013
AT&T Atlanta Olympic Games
Remember what the Netscape AT&T Olympic Games website looked like in 1996? #tbt #Sochi2014 pic.twitter.com/4fiyxTqztH
— Chicago Sun-Times (@Suntimes) February 6, 2014
Looking back at @Gap’s first e-commerce website, launched in 1997. #GapIncFlashbackFriday pic.twitter.com/wgsvfyqEYk
— Gap Inc. (@GapInc) September 6, 2013
.@LexusStoke a GREAT question! This is what the #Lexus website looked like, back in 1998! #LexusLive pic.twitter.com/wXoUjs1ulR
— Lexus UK (@OfficialLexusUK) March 12, 2014
Ancient history, in pictures: the first http://t.co/HDlNX1Y5vu website, as launched on 22 March 1996: pic.twitter.com/8OlxHd4Csl
— David Gauntlett (@davidgauntlett) November 9, 2013
For the #nostalgic type, The #NHL’s official website in 1996 pic.twitter.com/gzArv2pHbn
— David Krikst (@MyManDK) October 10, 2013
HM Treasury
Have you seen how the @hmtreasury website looked in 1996? Other hilarious retro site photos at http://t.co/Xz9H63qL74 pic.twitter.com/MLhfMs8B5o
— LondonLovesBusiness (@LondonLovesBiz) April 19, 2013
The Guardian
The @guardian website 16 years ago on 22 December 1996. How times have changed #journalism pic.twitter.com/GQUe7gsS3v
— Richard Wilson (@richardwilson84) April 5, 2013
British Library
On 25 birthday of WWW, can’t help thinking of the first British Library website, with which I was involved. pic.twitter.com/YICRlMjy5s
— Andrew Prescott (@Ajprescott) March 12, 2014
The original Expedia website 1998! @Expedia @DMXDublin #DMXDublin pic.twitter.com/23JzPPfNpU
— jentaaffe (@jen_iZest) March 12, 2014
‘Electronic’ Telegraph
[Pics] 25 websites in their very early versions, incl. 1994’s ‘electronic Telegraph’ http://t.co/7DKe9qYA9d #web25 pic.twitter.com/VNP66m4dkH
— Richard Moynihan (@richjm) March 12, 2014
What did @PBS look like in ’97 when they were first nominated for a Webby? http://t.co/wITTQK5E1L #ThrowbackThursday pic.twitter.com/kzLN4IwdZc
— TheWebbyAwards (@TheWebbyAwards) September 12, 2013
UCL Libraries
We see that lots of people are sharing early versions of their web pages today so here’s one of ours from 1999 #web25 pic.twitter.com/4enBekg87f
— UCL Libraries (@UCLLibraries) March 12, 2014
British Museum
The World Wide Web is 25 today! Here’s a pic of how our website has evolved over the past 17 years #Web25 pic.twitter.com/c2ckwmF9MM
— British Museum (@britishmuseum) March 12, 2014
Wolfram Research
It’s been a busy week at Wolfram. Something a bit lighter for #throwbackthursday: how our website looked in 1997 pic.twitter.com/0k8VYOB4ut
— Wolfram Research (@WolframResearch) January 9, 2014
Space Jam’s website has remained untouched since 1996 http://t.co/RdLFgytCQL pic.twitter.com/4fI85LoVcR
— Adam Internet (@adaminternet) March 11, 2014
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut website in 1995 pic.twitter.com/hhSK2q71Pw
— Ghassan Younis (@eGhassan) April 7, 2013
Dit was de website van Heineken in… 1997 pic.twitter.com/WvUI5LNgaX
— Mike Slaats (@mikeslaats) March 12, 2014
Shepherd Neame
Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web! #web25 Here’s a look back at our first website from 1998: pic.twitter.com/R4iFi59bI8
— Shepherd Neame (@ShepherdNeame) March 12, 2014

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