We repair, build, update, and maintain your systems. We specialize in custom systems to meet specific customer needs. We offer systems from the cost effective workstation to the high-end graphics workstation built for 24 hour rendering. Custom servers also available for virtual machines, file sharing, or any application.


We design, install, configure, and protect your networks. We offer turnkey solutions to networks for specific applications such as ip surveillance systems or voip. We also offer wireless point-point systems for connecting your home and office or remote site.


If you’re just a small office or a large company we offer phone systems tailored to your needs. Automated attendants to multi-tiered departments with user specific voicemail to department mail boxes. We mainly specialize in Cisco systems but can work with many phone systems on the market.

Security Solutions

We also offer IP Surveillance systems for monitoring your business or servers 24 hours a day. If you need an integrated door lock system with key card access to environmental monitoring for specific zones we have you covered.

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