Best Malware Removal Tools of 2015.


Malware has been on the rise in 2015 bringing us to our annual best malware removal 2015 Ultimate Tools list. Malware is any variety of software that corrupts or causes interference with computers systems. Malware is malicious because it will cause system malfunction, disruption of operation, or leakage of personal information and data from the system.

As a counter to malware,the best anti-malware software is used for protection of computers. Malware removal software in 2015 can:

  • Detect malicious software or programs in the computer and then root it out
  • Or, protect computer systems from the downloading or acquisition of such programs in the first place

Some of the best malware removal 2015 tools were released just this year. These malware removal programs act as a barrier against malicious software which can breach personal data and corrupt system response. The following best malware removal 2015 list contains some of the top software released in 2015;

Top Malware Removal Tools of 2015

  1. Spyhunter 4 Malware Removal:

This one of the best anti-spyware softwares in 2015. Anti-spyware software protects computer systems from Trojans and other bugs that can sneak in the computer system and provide a backdoor for leakage of all the system’s data. It has two variants; a free version that instantly detects malware and a paid version that roots out the found malware.

Spyhunter 4 is certified by West Coast Lab’s Checkmark Certification System and therefore has a quality assurance check that puts it above other releases in this year. All users need to do is install the software and after that, let it run its programming itself. It does regular checks on computer systems, and detects potentially harmful programs from all drives. Once the system detects or suspects any hidden malware, a notification appears that instantly notifies the user that the safety of their computer is hijacked.

One of Spyhunter 4’s most distinguishable features is its ability to root out rootkits, which are another form of malicious encrypted files that cannot be discovered by traditional software. Spyhunter 4 is also capable of eliminating hijacked browser toolbars. The reviews for this consistently corroborate this as a software that manages to search out malware traditional malware removal kits cannot. Another of Spyware 4’s features is its customizability feature that allows for an easier to use interface, essentially allowing even the most basic of users to utilize this software efficiently. The software is quick and easy to download, as well and does not take long to install and run.

  1. MacKeeper Anti-Malware:

Another new malware removal tool hitting the market with a lot of popular reviews is MacKeeper, a cleaning software that roots out malware in Mac computer systems. It cleans out everything from cache to logs and one of its winning features include the ability to highlight disk usage and file search, which traditional malware removal kits generally lack. It also allows for quick disk cleanup.

MacKeeper also roots out corrupted files or even inactive disruptive files to keep the system up and running, in keeping with its System Optimization function. It also blocks sites with potentially harmful contents, essentially highlighting a warning before opening certain URLs. Another of MacKeeper’s special features includes the ability to help users recover accidentally deleted files through the “Files Recovery” technique.

Overall Mackeeper is the only Mac malware removal tool worth downloading in 2015.

  1. MalwareBytes Malware Removal:

A software that is renowned for rooting out the worst of malware through its high scanning function, MalwareBytes’s release has been an improvement on its user interface that allows for easy functioning for even the most basic computer users.

MalwareBytes ease of access features include the ability to let the computer scan run in the background while the user uses all of their computer normally. It can also be installed and run in Safe Mode to avoid interference from Trojan malware that can sneak in and harm computer functions.

  1. Avast Internet Security:

One of the more traditional anti spyware softwares, Avast’s 2015 release has been keeping with the market demand. The malware removalsoftware has a traditional interface and provides a safety firewall against malicious content. It also carries out regular scanning and checks on the computer system, routinely weeding out potentially harmful files from all the drives. One of Avast’s more popular features is the VPN Network access that allows for a highly secured browsing experience, even preventing cookies. Also, two Avast users of different computers can share their desktop and files.

  1. StopZilla Malware Killer:

This is an anti-virus system that roots out all threats from your computer system through its dual anti-virus and anti-malware specifications. It has a real-time function that keeps it on constant scan routine, essentially protecting users’ computers 24/7.The software is best at sorting out hidden infections from the computer system, and like SpyHunter 4, weeds out hidden malware that some other anti-viruses may fail to detect through its Deep Scanning Technology. One of its highly reviewed features is its ability to act as a shield for its own processes. Essentially, instead of being inhibited or corrupted by high-functioning malware, SpotZilla manages to protect itself from attacks and disruption from such malware and therefore, functions smoothly through its routine check-scan-detect-remove process.

  1. Norton Internet Security:

The 2015 security feature makes it even more advanced protection for personal computers than ever before. It has a highly interactive interface that is both easy to use with and highly detailed. It divides the Interface into “Identity, “Security”, and “Performance.” This interface hosts an entire record-keeping section that basically displays the internet security history of the software ever since it has been installed in the computer.

Norton discovers malware by a constant scan feature that keeps threats in check. Any suspicious file activity is instantly detected and highlighted through the program. It can also highlight safe or trusted files and features which will not be harmed during routine scans and removal. Another of its winning features includes the option to prevent children from intrusive malware that can compromise their online identity through the Norton Family control. Another such feature is the software’s Safety feature that allows users to store their sensitive, personal information such as passwords securely without fear of getting hacked.

  1. Kaspersky Anti Virus:

An award-winning best malware removal 2015 program, Kaspersky is renowned for its all rounded services as a malware software remover. It offers everything from a multi-device protection system to a single user protection system. It provides the highest quality firewall against the toughest malware, ranging from Trojans to intrusive bugs and to hacking and spyware software. It allows for customizability and a mix and match security approach that allows consumers to configure the setting according to their anti-malware needs.

It also has real-time protection that carries out a constant security check on every file and every corner of the computer to allow for safer access. It protects consumers’ online internet identity and has a system that inhibits free-will downloading from hidden programs that attach themselves to other downloads.

Kaspersky also provides anti-theft protection against stealing, by providing a remote management access that allows consumers to track their device. It also filters out unauthorized access to the computers’ webcame, preventing hacking of the system’s video storage and file storage as well.

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